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Fundamentos y Debate

  • Immanuel Wallerstein
    El debate en torno a la economía política de
    El Moderno Sistema-Mundial

    Abstract: This essay presents a brief but thorough overview of the discussion about the Immanuel Wallerstein´s magnum opus: The Modern World-System. A work whose trilogy has been translated into over 20 languages and soon will be extended with the publication of Volume IV –though here the author reports that the program of his project includes up to 7 volumes. Wallerstein classified into three types the criticism that has been submitted his work: main criticism, minimum criticism and revisionism about the analysis of world-systems. He dedicates to evaluate the impact that they had it on him and replies that he prepared for each one. He builds a panoramic balance about the rich discussion unleashed around this work that, no doubt, is one of the most important in the history of modern social and historical science.

  • Kostas Vergopoulos
    La emergencia de nuevos poderes financieros

    Abstract: This essay examines the history and the structural causes of the financial and economic crisis of 2007-08, showing the manner in which, since the 80´s, the financial sphere prevailed over the real economy in the world capitalist economy. Passing from being a way of salvation of the crisis to an absolute power that caused the current crisis, that blocks the recovery and get worse economic differences between countries. This power is legitimized with an financial ideology that is so misleading like the ideology of the gold standard in the first quarter of the twentieth century, which is verify in the case of the European Union.

  • Blanca Rubio
    La nueva fase de la crisis alimentaria mundial

    Abstract: From a scientific perspective that rejects the approach to the food crisis as an isolated process and as a circumstantial or passenger phenomenon, this study scrutinize the complex integration, opened by the financialization of basic goods, of the food crisis in the contemporary global crises, and, also, divide into periods the march of this food crisis, so that, the rise in international food prices in 2010-2011, with its corresponding domino effect on the poorer groups, is not characterized as a different process of the rise in 2008, but as the second stage of the same crisis that is not over. And whose understanding is crucial for the strategic design of alternatives.

Artículos y Miscelánea

  • María Cristina Ríos Espinosa
    Los antagonismos éticos de Adam Smith contra Bernard Mandeville

    Abstract: This paper analyzes Adam Smith´s objections against Bernard Mandeville´s moral system. He opposes himself against Mandeville´s idea that self love is based on egoism, which is due to a misunderstanding towards the role of sympathy in human beings relations. Smith establishes that one of our moral imperatives is to “take care of oneself”, to preserve the existence of the body and all other material necessities derived from it, as self reputation, self image, personal recognition and approval as the foundation of personality, and it does not mean that men have become egoistic. I prove the way Smith transforms interest as a positive value compared with Mandeville´s consideration of interest as vice, he demonstrates the force of interest as a necessary impulse of self esteem in individuals.

  • Mariana Marcelino Aranda/Zacarías Torres/Irma Ortega
    Efectos de políticas públicas en la rentabilidad de empresas manufactureras mexicanas, 1995-2005

    Abstract: This paper is an outline of the profitability of the sectors that make up the mexican economy, its relation to economic policy and the actions taken by the federal government during the period from 1995 to 2005. The profitability reported by companies, from 1995-2000 with respect to 2001-2005, went from 128% to 57%, and most profitable sectors of production were, in fact, those with a relation to the financial industry and public assistance. From this, one can conclude that public policies or actions that made the federal government to a specific sector may be a basic and decisive influence on the ability of a company to be profitable. However, it should examine whether under macroeconomic scenario which all businesses operate with the same circumstances, what makes that some of them actually can generate profitability.

  • Víctor Escalante/Javier Ortiz/Rogelio Martínez
    El IPN a través del enfoque de Minztberg

    Abstract: The National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) it has experienced in the present decade a series of changes and modernization inside their derived organizational structure of the Institutional reformation; in this work the orientation of the administration is revised that are continued in the Units of Higher Education (UES), evoking the positions of some studies of the organizational structures to take them to a graphic expression that allows to characterize its particularities and relationships and this way to outline pertinent strategies to the grateful conditions.

  • Ana Alicia Peña López
    La superexplotación de los trabajadores migrantes

    Abstract: In this paper we seek to study in depth the theoretical reflection about working and living conditions of migrants from the marxist concept of exploitation of labor, with the idea to show how extreme and violent use of immigrant workers shore up the process accumulation of capital in the countries of arrival. The superexploitation of labor, payment of the work force below its value, involves the degradation and impoverishment of the reproduction of workers. Therefore is important to consider whether or not the mechanism of over-exploitation operates in the migration process, taking as reference specific historical and geospatial labor migration between Mexico and the United States throughout neoliberalism.